Swoosh Little Ondine L405

155 SEK

In a summer daze, she wandered out into the yard to take in the sunlight. Lost in the smell of the grass, the colour of the dandelions, and the feel of the ground on her feet, she heard her name being called. As she quickly turned around, her sundress swooshed along with her.

Natural Ingredients
Composed of organic colourants, natural resin and water, our nail polish is free of toxins! No formaldehyde, acetates, toluene or alcohol. We source for nature's finest minerals to present you a natural glamor of bold, brazen and happy colors. Indulge your nails in the world of nature.

Easy Peel-Off
Peel off your color easily without using any chemical remover. Whenever and wherever, you can intuitively bring the colors of nature to your nails, show your individuality and enjoy nature's manicure.

Little Ondine doesn’t have a toxic chemical smell unlike many other nail polishes. So don't hesitate to paint your nails whenever, wherever you want because no one has to put up with the pungent chemical smell anymore.

Safe for kids & pregnant Women
Made of all natural ingredients, Little Ondine is safe for pregnant moms and kids! Our brilliant selection of colors allows you to primp your nails easily, with zero damage done to your nails!

You should be spending your free time showing off your nails, not drying them out. Forget about all the tricks to dry your nails quicker. Little Ondine is water-based and after a few minutes you can be on your way.

Brilliant Colours
We offer fun and stylish colors to match what you're wearing and where you go! Curated by our professional art team, our bright colours reflect the hottest trends in the market. Rich colour and smooth texture makes for beautiful shiny nails that won’t fade away.